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This is a library of installation guides with dashboard templates and alerting rules for popular Prometheus exporters from the observability experts at Grafana Labs. Panel plugins allow you to add new types of visualizations to your dashboard, such as maps, clocks, pie charts, lists, and more. Grafana Tempo, our open source, easy-to-use, high scale distributed tracing backend, was announced at ObservabilityCON last October.

grafana plugin development

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to use files for grafana configurations. You can read more about my take on dashboards from files here. In types.ts look for MyDataSourceOptions this is the interface definition of the non-secure part of the configuration.

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For more information about backend plugins, refer to the documentation on Backend plugins. In this tutorial you learned how to create a custom visualization for your dashboards. The results from a data source query within your panel are available in the data property inside your panel component. But it’s not just about improving the lives of Grafana power users. The goal is to make setting up data sources, integrations, and agent configs a more connected and seamless experience across Grafana. Every value in a field share the same data type, such as string, number, or time.

grafana plugin development

It involves a command or
set of commands that collect a few essential metrics of the monitored system over
time and test them. For example, whether RabbitMQ’s Erlang VM is running is
one such check. The normal operating
parameters are „the process must be running“. Data source plugins communicate with external sources of data and return the data in a format that Grafana understands.

Deploy Django on Kubernetes With Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

— and more, Grafana 10 allows you to build more dynamic, custom dashboards that showcase real-time data and enhance your team’s ability to develop comprehensive insights. If you are still using @grafana/toolkit to scaffold and develop plugins, follow this guide to make the jump to our newest plugin tools. Logs are also very important in troubleshooting a distributed system.

A complete list of connections to all nodes would
be one example. Both types are complimentary to infrastructure and node metrics. This section will cover multiple RabbitMQ-specific aspects of monitoring. Most metrics mentioned
in this section are exposed by both the Prometheus plugin and grafana plugin development management UI. Operating a distributed system without monitoring data is a bit like trying to get out of a forest
without a GPS navigator device or compass. It doesn’t matter how brilliant or experienced
the person is, having relevant information is very important for
a good outcome.

Grafana 10 release: New panels, Grafana as code updates, data correlations, and more

There is no shortage of existing tools (such as Prometheus or Datadog) that collect infrastructure
and kernel metrics, store and visualise them over periods of time. The base template suggests to use an instance manager for the life cycle management of data source instances. In practice, the im variable inside SampleDatasource can generate new connections when needed. Compile with mage and restart Grafana for the change would take effect. I have added a log line in the code to print the results so I can see that data is transferred between the frontend to the backend.

  • We generally recommend that you build for a version of Grafana later than v9.0.
  • The above check is also not suitable to be used as a readiness probe as it implicitly
    assumes a fully booted node.
  • Learn how to create a custom visualization for your dashboards.
  • Machine learning has the potential to give engineers new ways to understand data.
  • Health checks can verify the state of an individual node (node health checks), or the entire cluster
    (cluster health checks).

In this blog post we will go through how you can create plugins for Grafana using ReactJS. At KubeCon in San Diego, Grafana Labs backend engineer Joe Elliott revealed his tricks to debugging applications from a Kubernetes sidecar. Grafana 7.0’s Plugins Platform makes building high-quality plugins easier and faster than ever. We’ve created a remote_write-focused version of a Prometheus agent. Here’s why you should use it if you’re running Prometheus at scale. Here’s your starter guide to configuring the Grafana Agent to collect traces and ship them to Tempo, our new distributed tracing system.

Connect Grafana to integrations, apps, and more

The purpose of this series of articles is to summarize the knowledge and help you prevent the mistakes that we made. The topic will be considered from the perspective of a front-end engineer. Builds the plugin in development mode and runs in watch mode. Run the above command to create a directory called — inside the current directory. This directory contains the initial project structure to kickstart your plugin development. At Grafana Labs, we believe that users should have the freedom to use the tools they know and love.

grafana plugin development

There are many dashboards developed by the Grafana or community for different types and sources of data. We use it in PMM to organize our plugins and plugins developed by the community. App plugins bundle data sources and panels to provide a cohesive experience, such as the Prometheus and Kubernetes apps. Plugins allow users to extend and customize their Grafana experience with their choice of data sources, dashboards, and apps. More than two-thirds of active Grafana users have at least four data sources configured for their stack, according to our recent Observability Survey.

Migrate from Grafana Toolkit

This document provides an overview of topics related to RabbitMQ monitoring. Monitoring RabbitMQ and applications that use it is critically important. Monitoring helps
detect issues before they affect the rest of the environment and, eventually, the end users.

The checks verify that one node has started and the deployment process can proceed to the next one. If the check does not pass, the deployment of the node is considered to be incomplete and the deployment process
will typically wait and retry for a period of time. Unless noted otherwise, the checks should follow the same monitoring frequency recommendation
as metric collection.

Query private data sources without exposing your network

Compared to worldPing, Synthetic Monitoring is more intuitive, easier to use, and allows users to observe how systems and applications are… With Grafana 10, we’re giving you the tools to independently set up SAML authentication for your teams. The new guided setup experience streamlines the SAML configuration process, eliminating the need to restart Grafana and reducing the likelihood of introducing errors. With these user-friendly folder structures, sifting through your dashboards for the right visualization becomes easier, saving time (and your sanity) while safeguarding confidential data. Designed so you can mirror your organization’s structure within the Grafana UI, subfolders enable you to create a more self-serve observability solution for your teams. But within reason — you can now also assign users, teams, or role-specific permissions at the folder level.

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